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Visiting the Manati Park in Punta Cana
Punta Cana is well known for their beautiful beaches and amazing world-class resorts. The sex vacation resorts in Punta Cana
can rival some of the best resorts not only in the Dominican Republic but even in the Caribbean. Aside from the beautiful ladies in
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Your weekend vacation in one of these resorts will be nothing short of perfection.
But aside from the beautiful world class adult resorts, there are also additional attractions every tourist should visit while in Punta Cana.
One of these attractions is the Manati Park. Practically a zoo for water animals with a few twists, tourists expecting to see some aquatic
creatures only will be surprised on the various activities Manati Park has to offer.

Going to Manati Park

A good reason why tourists would usually opt to visit Manati Park is its accessibility. While other attractions for first time tourists can be
confusing, finding the park is not a problem because of transportation. Manati Park has a dedicated bus that picks up guests in various
hotels. If your hotel is not that popular, you should talk to your front desk to arrange the time of pickup. For larger hotels, the Manati
Park bus has a dedicated parking slot with advertised pickup times.

More than Just a Park

The beauty of Manati Park is not only on the animals. It’s also one of the best places in the country to learn more about the country’s past
particularly before the island was inhabited by the Spaniards. The park has an area dedicated to chronicling the Dominican Republic’s past
back when the island was inhabited by the Tainos. There will be times that guests will be treated with live performance of the traditional
Taino dance.

What to See in Manati Park

Manati Park is well known for their aquatic animals. But you can also see a good collection of land and fresh water based animals such as
crocodiles and iguanas. There is also an impressive collection of birds and some of them are rarely found anywhere except in select areas
of the Dominican Republic.
The main attraction of the park is the dolphin tank. Aside from watching the dolphins play and have fun in the water, you can also swim
with the dolphins. This can become a very memorable experience especially if you swim with the dolphins with your hot companion.