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Visiting a Batey During Your Dominican Vacation
In the Dominican Republic, a Batey is a town where sugar is produced. Employees who work in the sugar producing industry
will also live in these areas. In the DR, the conglomerate which produces the sugar is referred to as being the "ingenio." The
ingenio will generally comprise an office, a mill for processing sugar, a refinery, and a residential area which has been built
around the refinery. In addition to this, the ingenio will also be constructed in close proximity to sugar fields. For those
visiting La Romana, Dominican Republic, escort services are available which can give them tours of Bateyes.

A batey is best thought of as a town which was established around a company. These towns will often comprise baracks
and houses. When it comes to size, bateyes will vary greatly. While some are quite small, others are very large and may
grow depending on the area, population, geography, and availability of sugar fields. These towns will almost always be
established in close proximity to sugar fields so that the workers will live close to the areas in which they work. These
communities attract mostly male workers, and there is often an escort service Dominican Repubkic close buy which
provides them with female companionship.

Employment in the Batey

Each year, seasonal workers are attracted to the bateyes due to their employment opportunities. They will generally arrive
for the season to help in the sugar harvest. They will be given lodging during their stay, and based on the arrangements
they've made, they may need to continue working until the harvest has been completed. Many of these men bring their
wives to the batey with them and may start families during their tenure. Bateyes have become popular among many
workers in the DR because they are able to earn far more than they would otherwise.

Today, sugar production in the DR isn't as prosperous as it was in the past, and as a result, many bateyes have evolved,
diversifying their local economies away from sugar and into other areas which will generate profits. Visiting a batey during
your Dominican vacation can allow you to learn more about the process of harvesting sugar as well as the lifestyle of
these unique communities.