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Visiting Interesting Places in Greater Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic is well known for its nightlife, shopping and other activities. Unfortunately, the city is not close to
any popular beach destinations. The erotic sex adult vacations Dominican Republic in the area often feature amazing pools so that their guests can easily
enjoy some water based activities. But even though the erotic resorts will require some additional travel before reaching the beach, guests often have
some great time in these resorts because of the additional amenities and the parties. Dominican Republic adult vacations sex often host parties for their
guests to improve interaction and intimacy between guests and their beautiful companions.

Interesting Places in Greater Santo Domingo

It only takes less than 30 minutes of driving from the country’s capital so that tourists can access the nearest beach. Fortunately, the beach closest to
Santo Domingo is also one of the most popular in the country. Guests in erotic resorts often visit Boca Chica because they know that they can enjoy
not only the beach but also activities offered in the area. Boca Chica is also known for their restaurants serving sumptuous seafood meals anytime of the year.

Going Further East

Boca Chica is located in the eastern portion of Santo Domingo. Although Boca Chica is known for their picturesque beaches, some of the guests still travel
further east to visit another beach constantly in development. The small town of Juan Dolio is increasingly gaining in popularity because of the rapid development
in the area. Some even consider Juan Dolio as the next Miami Beach because it is now one o f the best places to experience nightlife, shopping along with
impressive resorts.

Juan Dolio is also gaining in popularity because tourists can gain access to other nearby beaches.   Guayacanes and Playa Caribe are only some of the
beaches accessible through Juan Dolio.

Greater Santo Domingo for the Adventurous

If you and your hot Dominican friend want some adventure during your erotic vacation, Playa Caribe is a good option. It’s a popular spot for surfers because
of the waves. Another interesting location is in the small town of Bani. Located west of Santo Domingo, the town is known for the sand dunes before
reaching the sea. The place is often visited by adventure seekers looking for some unique experience. Near Bani is a small but remarkable beach called
Playa Salinas. The name itself “Beach Salt” is derived from its primary function as a salt mine.