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Traveling to and From Punta Cana
There are a number of ways in which you can reach Punta Cana. The two main methods for reaching this destination
are by boat or plane. Those flying into the DR for an adult vaction punta cana will generally enter through the Punta
Cana International Airport. Those who travel to this area by boat will generally arrive through one of the major cruise
lines. Due to the popularity of Punta Cana, it serves as one of the major entry and exit points of the DR, and there is a major
escort service dominican republic which operates in this area.

Airlines Traveling to Punta Cana

One of the most popular airlines for traveling to Punta Cana is American Airlines. This particular carrier schedules numerous
flights to the DR from major U.S. cities. Other major carriers which operate in Punta Cana include Jet Blue, Continental, Delta
Airlines, and U.S. Airways. For tourists who are flying into the DR from Canada, one of the best Canadian carriers is Air Canada.
They offer flights from both Toronto as well as Montreal. Another small services which offers flights from Canada is Westjet.
The vast majority of tourists who visit Punta Cana choose to stay in resorts.

Because of this, many resorts work closely with the airlines, and may offer their customers resort packages. Many of these resort
packages include perks such as airport pick ups. It should also be noted that you can get a private taxi which has a fixed rate.
Punta Cana has one of the busiest airports in all of the Caribbean, and its size rivals and sometimes surpasses the Las
Americas Airport of Santo Domingo. However, there are some tourists who choose to take a luxury cruise as opposed
to an airplane.

Reaching Punta Cana by Cruise Ship

Reaching Punta Cana by boat takes longer than by plane; but when it comes to luxury, amenities, and privacy, few airlines can
match the quality of cruise ships. These ships offer enough entertainment and fun to keep you busy for the entire duration
of your trip. They come equipped with restaurants, fine dining and beverages, and various types of entertainment. For
tourists who are not in a rush, a luxury cruise to Punta Cana can make a great addition to a vacation. Some great
cruise lines include Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines.