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Memorable Couples Vacation in Constanza

A very popular idea for a couples sex vacations Dominican Republic is to visit one of the beautiful beaches in the country
and to enjoy the various activities as well as the nightlife. However, some of the best sex vacations Dominican Republic
can actually happen far from a beach resort. There are small cities and towns in the country that can provide the
perfect setting for couples seeking some privacy with a little bit of adventure.

When it comes to adventure far from the beaches of the Dominican Republic, the city of Constanza usually
stands out. It’s practically a different world from the white sands of the country but it’s still a poplar tourist

Finding Constanza

Tourists unfamiliar with the country should not have any trouble finding Constanza because of its popularity. The city is
located in the central regions of the country which is accessible from different parts of the country especially from the
south. The first option for tourists eager to visit Constanza is through its small airport. The second option for
tourists is through various bus lines. Santo Domingo has bus terminals going to and from Constanza.

The Unique Beauty of Constanza

The beauty of the city is more than just its popular collection of flora and fauna. It’s one of the premier destinations in
the country because of its unique weather condition. Because of its elevation, the temperature in Constanza is
usually lower by 10 ºC up to 18 ºC.

Constanza is practically a different world when comparing the area to the popular beaches in the country. It’s mountainous,
a lot cooler and the flora and fauna doesn’t provide any information that it’s located in a beautiful tropical island.
There are natural springs in different areas and tourists can easily locate them with the help of tourist guides.

The most popular attraction in Constanza is the Salto de Aguas Blancas which is a beautiful waterfall located in one of
the many mountains in the city. Aside from enjoying the waters, tourists also visit the waterfall to enjoy some white
water rafting. There are also a small group of businesses in Constanza that offer off-road vehicle rental for tourists
who want to visit more areas in Constanza. There are also small businesses and locals that offer horse back
riding which is a good way to travel since the road is a little bit tricky. It’s a perfect destination for couples
who want to mix adventure with their erotic vacation.