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Meeting Dominican Ladies in Boca Chica
Due to its location, weather, and beautiful women, Boca Chica has become one of the most popular beaches in Santo
Domingo Province. If you're looking for a Dominican Republic all inclusive escort service, there are several which can
be found in this area. Boca Chica beach is about thirty kilometers away from Santo Domingo, and many of the locals
here visit Boca Chica in order to get away from the city. Boca Chica is one of the newest municipalities of the DR,
having been founded in 2001.

History of Boca Chica

The area was originally founded by Juan Bautista Vicini Burgos, and he built a number of sugar plantations during the
20th century. During the 1950s, Boca Chica became very popular, and this was largely because of the creation of Hotel
Hamaca, which brought many tourists to the area. Additionally, a number of wealthy Dominican families chose to
construct summer residences which were privately owned and operated. However, it was during the 1970s that the
popularity of Boca Chica really begin to increase. Prior to the 70s, Boca Chica beach was mostly secluded; since the
70s this beach has become a center of tourism, entertainment, and nightlife.

Boca Chica Features

The biggest advantage of this beach is its close proximity to Santo Domingo. This means that it receives visits from Santo
Domingo natives as well as tourists visiting the city. Boca Chica is also popular due to its crystal waters and beautiful white
sand. The beach can become very crowded on weekends, and it is the perfect place to watch beautiful chicas walking around
in their bikinis. There are two small islands that can also be found near this beach, and these are La Matica as well as Los Pinos.

Of all the beaches in the DR, it is said that Boca Chica is the most family friendly. There are numerous restaurants, souvenir
shops, and bars near the beach, and music is played during much of the day. Because of this, Boca Chica has become very
popular among North American and European tourists. After dark, many single male tourists go hunting for the many
beautiful ladies that can be found here.