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Ferries from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic
The most popular mode of transportation for visiting Dominican Republic mens sex resorts is through their international airports.
A short trip from Florida is all it takes to enjoy sex in the Dominican Republic all inclusive resorts. Because the country and their
beautiful companions are highly accessible, enjoying a quick vacation is never a bad idea.
But aside from a short trip from Florida to the Dominican Republic, there are tourists who tried another route to visit the popular
country in the Caribbean: a ferry trip from Puerto Rico. It will require more time but it’s a great way to enter the country especially if you
are on extended vacation.

The Beautiful Puerto Rico

The biggest reason why tourists will enjoy the ferry trip from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic is Puerto Rico itself. It’s also one of the
best destinations for tourists who wanted to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. If you have time, you can stop by Puerto Rico for
a day or two so that you can enjoy their beaches and even meet some women there along the way. You don’t need to travel a lot just to
find a good beach in Puerto Rico.

An Overnight Stay in the Ferry

The ferry ride from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic lasts 12 hours. It’s a very long time but it’s one of the best places to enjoy your night
on an extended vacation. They are not necessarily cruise ships where you can have the best amenities possible but it’s still a good place to
stay for the night. You will meet new people, have fun in the bar or simply enjoy the night staring at the beautiful Caribbean Sea thinking
about the hot girl who will meet you in the erotic resort.

Basic Facts in Ferries for Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic

There are two ports used by ferries from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic: Mayagüez and San Juan in Puerto Rico with Santo Domingo
and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Aside from the traditional ferries that will give you an option to enjoy the sea and small amenities
along the way, you can also choose to enjoy your travel with medium-sized cruise.
The Santo Domingo-America Cruise Ferries recently resumed their operations and they leave San Juan at seven in the evening and arrive in Santo
Domingo the next day early morning. It’s a bit more expensive but it also comes with additional amenities such as casinos, swimming pool and a bar.