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Drinking During Your Adult Vacation in the Dominican Republic
While the local cuisine of every country can tell you a lot about the tradition and culture of that country, their local drinks should not be ignored.
By learning about the beverages of a nation, you'll get an idea of how the locals have fun or simply quench their thirst.
The Dominican Republic has a fair share of unique drinks that should be tasted by any tourist. If you're coming to the country to visit one of the many adult
themed resorts, there is a good chance you'll encounter some of the drinks mentioned here. Never hesitate to try any of these drinks, as some of them are
never found outside the country.


When you talk about beer in the Dominican Republic, you're practically talking about a single product: Presidente. It's not the country's "official" beer but people
consider Presidente as their only choice. The beer is brewed in Santo Domingo and is found everywhere in the country. This beer has a bit more alcohol
(6% compared to 5% in many countries) but lighter taste. The beer is only served cold and many locals will only drink the beer in this manner. Aside from
its unique taste, it's also a perfect souvenir because the beer is only distributed in the Dominican Republic.

Mama Juana

This is a traditional drink brewed in the Dominican Republic. The drink is a mixture of various herbs and other drinks (rum, gin, wine etc). As the drink is made up
of herbs, most sell Mamajuana as a health drink that can prevent (or even heal) various health problems, including impotency.


The country's history in Rum making dates back to the early colonial years where sugar cane was fermented into rum. The formal distillery was established in
1700s, and the oldest rum maker is Bermudez which was established in 1852. They are also the most popular manufacturer because of their first rum called
"Bitter Panacea". Other popular rum makers are Barcelo and Brugal. There are distilleries that you can visit in the Dominican Republic, particularly in Santo
 Domingo. They will most likely serve their rum mixed with soda to their guests.


As a tropical country, it's also a must to try out their local coffee. This is also one of the main exports of the country and a great souvenir even for casual coffee
drinkers. The most popular brand of Coffee is named after its capital "Santo Domingo".
Here's a tip on how to choose coffee in the Dominican Republic: look for coffee grown in higher altitudes because it's stronger and richer in flavor. This might
not be easily noticeable but to an experienced coffee drinker, the difference can be easily noticed. The locals know this difference which means you should expect
a relatively expensive coffee for the variety that comes from higher grounds.
There are many ways to enjoy the Dominican Republic and your choice of drinks are never lacking. You can enjoy beer, rum and other types
of drinks with your beautiful local companion as they provide a unique experience only found in the Dominican Republic.